About Us

About GovConHacks

GovConHacks is here to make government contracting easy. As a brand of Duwel Dev, LLC, GovConHacks was created to assist businesses new to government contracting or simply need a little help managing their internal processes. We’re also here to provide growth opportunities for businesses that lack an internal business development team.

GovConHacks started off as a hashtag. Ashley Duwel, Founder and CEO of Duwel Dev, LLC, aspired to help business owners by posting government contracting tips on social media. Through the hashtag, Ashley discovered just how many businesses need help with government contracting. That’s when she decided to launch the GovConHacks brand.

Ashley is backed by a team of marketers, data analysts and web developers with many years of experience in the government contracting field. We combine digital resources with personal coaching to help businesses secure contracts and expand their client base. Our services include data analysis, marketing, sales planning, certification assistance and more.

Ashley Duwel,
Founder of GovConHacks

Ashley is a Business-to-Government (B2G) SME and an advocate for small businesses with more than a decade of experience mentoring over 500 small businesses, guiding them from registering their business in their state up to winning their first contract.

To date, those businesses have gone on to win more than $100M in government contracts. 

She focuses on your business’s core foundation, reducing or eliminating risk for misallocation and margin of error by solidifying relationships with prospective buyers without dependency on solicitations.



The GovConHacks Mission

Our mission is simple. We strive to explain government contracting in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. We believe simplifying the process will increase the success rate for businesses that want to partner with prime vendors and government agencies. From outreach to utilizing capability statements effectively, we’ll stand by your side every step of the way.

We won’t just give you a product and leave. GovConHacks is dedicated to helping your team expand its knowledge about government contracting systems and processes. Our website is an ongoing resource designed to help businesses grow their number of contracts with government agencies. Learn how to succeed in government contracting through our blog, podcast, newsletter, Facebook group, and free downloads.

GovConHacks is open to anyone who’s interested in learning more about government contracting. We’re especially passionate about helping small businesses get off the ground. We know how frustrating it can be to wait years before securing your first contract. We give small businesses all the tools they need to gain traction and make a name for themselves in the industry.

Reach Out for GovCon Assistance

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Three Key Principles that Guide Our Way


Human connections are very important to us. GovConHacks isn’t just a brand—there are real people behind it. We combine personalized experiences with the level of expertise you’d find at a larger corporation. We’ve created a people-oriented culture where you, the individual, matter. Every business is unique, and should have a solid strategic plan in place. We help you execute.


It’s your company—we’re just here to help. We offer expert advice while giving you full creative control over your company’s brand. We can stand up to the task and recognize when to take a backseat. We’ll help develop your company the way you’ve envisioned it, tailored to sell to the federal government.


We’re committed to providing reliable, up-to-date knowledge about the government contracting marketplace. Our ongoing market research makes us a valuable resource for understanding how to attract your federal targets. All the tools and products we offer—our templates, strategy sessions and in-person events—are also designed to boost your credibility.