Best Practices for Preparing a Federal Proposal

Preparing technical proposals for the federal government can be a complex and daunting process, for customers who are already so risk-averse. Not every industry will benefit from these tips. For example, if you sell products (as opposed to services), many of your responses will be Requests for Quote (RFQ) which means the solicitation IS your […]

Setting Up Your Government Proposals

Getting Set Up If you’re not organized, you are already at a disadvantage. A best practice is to have a shared repository for all of your content, drafts, drawings, etc. Have a folder in your secure, shared drive for the resumes of your team members, and keep them updated and accessible to the team to […]

5 Reasons to Consider Monday in Government Contracting

Introduction Monday is an easy-to-use, comprehensive app for project management, operations, forecasting sales, and complying with government regulations such as FAR 52.215-4(a)(2), which requires contractors to maintain records of their cost or pricing data until the completion of a contract if awarded. We’ve found it to be the most economical and all-in-one solution for small […]