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About Us

What’s GovConHacks all about?

Simplifying Navigation of Government Systems and Processes

GovConHacks is exactly what it sounds like—hacks to help you thrive in the government contracting marketplace. GovConHacks began life as a humble hashtag on social media. Its creator, Ashley Duwel, wanted to share her knowledge about GovCon with small businesses trying to get ahead in the industry.

Since then, GovConHacks has become much more than a hashtag. It’s become a brand and community for government contractors to learn and grow and seek help with their strategies. We offer a safe space for industry experts and contractors alike to share ideas and collaborate. 

Here at Duwel Dev, LLC, our experienced team assists business owners with all things related to government contracting, though we specialize in helping you develop your internal systems and processes for the GovCon space. With procurement professionals, web developers, designers and Monday.com Masters on staff, we can serve as a one-stop shop to meet your unique needs. 

Maybe you’re new to the marketplace. Maybe you don’t have a business development team. Maybe you have had a taste of success in government contracting and want more. No matter which situation you’re in, we’re here to help – Marketing, certifications, agency targeting, web/ Monday.com development—all these services and more are waiting for you at GovConHacks.

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Who We Help

  • Established Businesses: We assist commercially established businesses break into or increase revenue in multiple different ways. 
  • Start-ups: We assist new businesses with formation and back-office set up to prepare for government contracting and/or commercial launch. 
  • Non-Profits: We assist non-profits often with marketing/ branding assets, grant registration with SAM.gov, as well as back office support. 
  • Solopreneurs: We assist our solopreneur clients with many facets of business development, assisting them in making faster progress. 

How We Help

  • Design: Capability Statements, Slide Decks, Proposal Templates, Business Cards, Logo/ Branding, Social Media Templates, Letterheads
  • Research: Reporting by NAICS/ PSC, Custom Targeted Reporting by keyword, etc. for B2G leads and pipeline development
  • Monday.com: Certified Partner – Coaching, Pipeline Development, Implementation, Process Development, Integrations, Automations, System Migration
  • Coaching: Procurement/ GIB/ DIB Readiness, Federal Access, Per Diem

Free Resource Downloads

Our main focus is to help you become an expert in government contracting (GovCon). We provide PDFs that you can download for free to help you conceptualize your timeline and provide examples to assist you in reaching your goal. You can browse through our collection of PDFs below to start winning more government contracts today!

B2G Sales Strategy Checklist

Securing a new contract can make months, if not years. It shouldn’t have to take that long. Spring ahead by following 6 steps to procurement readiness. We boil down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps that can score you more government clients.

Our Capability Statement

Writing a capability statement is harder than it looks. Sometimes, an example is all you need to get started. Duwel Dev’s capability statement is available as a downloadable PDF so your business has a credible idea in mind of how to construct, format, and tailor your own with Canva

GovCon Timeline

Are you new to government contracting? Then this is the resource for you! This document provides a high-level overview of what the first year typically looks like for small businesses entering the GovCon marketplace. This timeline will give you an idea of what to expect so you can plan your next steps accordingly.

Strategic Support for Small Business & Government Contractors

Coaching &

The world of government contracting can be hard to navigate. Whether you’re new or a GovCon pro, it helps to have someone guide you along the way. 


The world of government contracting can be hard to navigate. Whether you’re new or a GovCon pro, it helps to have someone guide you along the way. 

Federal Sales

Save yourself the hassle—we’ll dig up all the data for you. We provide the most current federal spending reports so you can keep a finger on the…

Procurement Readiness

Before securing your first contract, you have to be ready to step onto the field. GovConHack’s Procurement Readiness Bundle…


Monday.com is our favorite business management platform. Our clients have seen a minimum of 33% productivity increase since implementation. 

Website Development

A well-crafted website is crucial for attracting government agencies. With more than 25 years of experience, our web developers can…

Government Landing Page

Your business needs an eye-catching landing page, designed for your prime vendor and government customers. It’s the initial touchpoint for…

Latest Videos

Check out our latest videos!

Government Contracting Events Board Overview

In this short video, we’ll give you a high-level overview of how to use our government contracting events board in your federal engagement and contracting strategies. We collect Industry Days, Match-Makers, Contractor Education, Agency-Hosted, Meet the Pr

Saving Searches & Notifications in SAM

This video demonstrates how to search for opportunities early in the procurement lifecycle, as well as how to set up notifications of your saved searches in the System for Award Management (SAM.) 


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