The HUBZone certification is a hard-to-reach set-aside goal for most federal agencies and a point of confusion for many government contractors. I recently attended a Govology webinar that explained in-depth, the details essential for a small business to not only obtain but how to best utilize this highly demanded set-aside. To provide some clarity for our government contracting community who may not have attended, I’ll share with you my cliff notes.

In this webinar, Shane McCall and Steven Koprince of Koprince Law presented the material and did a fabulous job in simplifying the process for even the most novice of contractors to understand. You may already be familiar with them from the SmallGovCon Blog, which I am a huge fan of. The presentation went into the nitty-gritty of the HUBZone, even covering the agency requirements, application, and eligibility requirements, such as residency, principal office location, who is considered an employee, ownership, control, and size.

To qualify as a HUBZone Small Business:

Here are some key takeaways:

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