What Is Shift?

After a painful bottleneck, I learned the hard way – the first step to improving productivity is to use tools that allow you to be more flexible. Shift is a productivity app that lets you focus on your day, not your device. It streamlines all of your tasks and projects under one single interface with the help of built-in integrations with email, calendar, reminders, chat apps. It is a powerful tool for those who need to manage tasks from multiple companies or clients. You can also use it as a reminder app for personal projects and tasks.

(Click here to check out MY personal favorite part – the dreaded management of multiple calendars and inboxes, simultaneously.)


Why We Love It.

In one single interface, I can manage multiple organizations – including and especially my own, with all its moving parts. The flexibility and convenience of being logged into multiple accounts on the same app at once are incredibly helpful to streamlining my organizational habits and allowing me to focus on my DAY, not my many devices. Since part of our primary value to our clients is the assistance we provide in helping them manage their own organizations and government contracting strategies, it becomes necessary for us to treat each and every one as if it is our own.

Personally, I’ve set up a workspace for my own business, then a separate workspace for each client’s business. I have 11 (yes, ELEVEN) email accounts linked within my Shift account, allowing me to … shift seamlessly through each – never sending an email from the wrong account. (With that said, I couldn’t possibly have thought of a better brand name”.)

Never am I struggling anymore with remembering which accounts that specific password is saved in, nor which account I’m logged into on my mobile or fumbling between each, wasting time. I’m not very tech-savvy for a data nerd, if you haven’t gathered that yet so I’m grateful that Shift is so forgiving, making me look good. I log in once, the app remembers my login information. Not logging into the wrong Zoom account for the meeting I’m 1.4 minutes late for – anymore! My only responsibility now is making sure I click my mouse on the correct “workspace” (I might be underexaggerating a bit here, but you get the point.)


Cost-Effective Time Management.

At only $99/ annually, it’s an affordable solution to a solopreneur’s administrative management and general management consulting services. The amount of time Shift has saved me alone has contributed to our decision, as value has far exceeded cost in the year and a half I’ve personally been using the app.

We’re actually considering expensing it next year for all contractors. The increase in productivity we’ve seen just from me alone is enough of a value-add to justify the cost. Their reviews aren’t terrible either.


Try for Yourself for Free

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try for free if you want to see it for yourself. Or before you try, check out the many apps and integrations you can use with Shift, tour its features to see if it makes sense to even get excited yet, depending on which apps you currently use in your business and work life